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The super deluxe hotel in Thimphu, Bhutan – “Peaceful Resort” is situated a km from the main town. This hotel is the latest addition to the Bhutan's Hotels & Resorts list of treasures. Peaceful Resort aspires to offer individual guests an experience of being surrounded by nature, blending it with lavish luxury in the abode of the Gods. Bhutan Peaceful Resort is built on the contemporary theme and yet has a unique blend of Bhutanese architecture and modern amenities. 

About Bhutan The abode of the mighty Wangchuck Dynasty and a majestic kingdom, Bhutan is beautiful in every sense of the word. Land of culturally diverse people, flora & fauna, home to unique species such as red panda, the black neck cranes, blue sheep, snow leopard and the Himalayan beer along with the snowy peaks, mountains, roaring white water rivers, gentle streams & mighty falls, monasteries giving solace to mind & souls, all these make Bhutan a wonderful heaven on the earth.